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In this Internet edge every person is awaiting for online presence for a unique identification. Starting from a simple business to an entrepreneur everyone needs to get online, where a website becomes an essential part and plays an important roll in the World Wide Web.

We stay ahead of the latest technologies to keep us up to date with the running edge. Elite Web Tech being a professional web development company has the development team which consists of experts and excellent experienced web masters and developers, who undergo a perfect research and then apply the new technologies to give birth a new web application with a professional look. Our developers basically deal with the creation of new web components, tools and applications. According to the demand we make the bespoke tools and components which the meets the client’s requirements and allows the user to work in lively environment. Our products are flexible and can be tailored if needed anywhere as per the market requirement.

The cost varies from project to project and depends upon the demand of quality, complexity, lively of the subject. From the very since the software which costs a very huge amount are now available at a very economic price and also some are of very low costs. So as the Information Technology is being expanded over the whole world the software business is getting further enhanced by the smaller to smallest companies by providing their products to individual customers.

In this Internet era each and everything are being done and updated by the internet only. Here the extraordinary thing is that mostly the Web Applications are accessed by the internet, so it’s a bit easier to maintain and update the applications. And in this present world of technology the updated programming languages support a developer to interact with an application very friendly, for which maintaining and updating are so easier.

We first of all discuss with the client, and then after the structure of the web application is decided. The programming and scripting language is decided on the base of the operating system to work with. After the plan has been discussed, the web application development phase is started. Our programmers write the appropriate coding to be used in the project as per the specifications. Testing the application is considered as the final stage of web development. Bugs in the program (if any) are sort out and appropriate support system is given so it is ready to go live.

Programming language we use: C, C++, Java, .Net, Perl, Abap.,AspectJ.,Bash,BeanShell.,Visual Basic,Visual Basic .NET

Scripting language we use: ActionScript , AJAX ,AppleScript ,CGI ,DOS & Windows,MSH/Monad PowerShell,Windows Batch ,JavaScript,JavaScript Frameworks ,Jquery,JScript ,MSH/Monad PowerShell ,Perl ,PHP, Python ,RubyOnRails ,Shell Scripting ,bash ,csh / tcsh,ksh ,sh ,Windows Batch

Mark Up Languages and Data Formats we use: HTML,DHTML,XML,XAML,CSS

Database we use: SQL, dbase, pl/sql, Oracle, My SQL,

Operating systems we use: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP professeional, Vista, Linux, NT, Sun Solaris.

Web application servers we use: Microsoft IIS, Apache web server, ColdFusion server, TomCat, Allaire, JRUN, Jserve etc, J2EE

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